Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22,2008

My dear little one,

You would have been born on Monday. Two days from now I would have held you in my arms and seen your smile for the very first time. I would have counted all your fingers and toes. Daddy and I would have fussed about who you looked more like and your Grandparents would have swore it was them. You would have been at our Thanksgiving dinner and everyone would have oooh and ahhhed over you.

But God needed you more than we did. He needed a special angel in heaven. I know you are up there with your brothers or sisters and you are watching over Daddy and I. If you have a chance will you please send us a baby to love? We promise we will never stop loving you or your siblings. My heart hurts everyday for all of you.

My dear little one. Mommy misses you and I love you so much. I am proud of the work you are doing in heaven.Tell Mamaw Judy, Papaw Wavie and Big Big Granny we said hello. We will see them one day.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy