Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22,2008

My dear little one,

You would have been born on Monday. Two days from now I would have held you in my arms and seen your smile for the very first time. I would have counted all your fingers and toes. Daddy and I would have fussed about who you looked more like and your Grandparents would have swore it was them. You would have been at our Thanksgiving dinner and everyone would have oooh and ahhhed over you.

But God needed you more than we did. He needed a special angel in heaven. I know you are up there with your brothers or sisters and you are watching over Daddy and I. If you have a chance will you please send us a baby to love? We promise we will never stop loving you or your siblings. My heart hurts everyday for all of you.

My dear little one. Mommy misses you and I love you so much. I am proud of the work you are doing in heaven.Tell Mamaw Judy, Papaw Wavie and Big Big Granny we said hello. We will see them one day.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy


Kira said...

Awww Krista, my heart is aching for you! I'm sending you all kinds of baby dust - to have one, adopt one, or simply be handed one. You have so much love to give, keep your chin up! Your baby is out there somewhere, just waiting for you and Daryl. :)

Jennifer said...

Kira, I am just in tears. I wish we lived close! I am sending baby dust your way. I prayed for God to send you a baby. I truly hope he does.

Sarah said...

Krista, I just read your blog and I am crying. I feel how much you're hurting, and I just know you will get your baby one day, some way. It is clear that you and your husband would make wonderful parents.

I have never miscarried, but we had a very hard time conceiving our DD - it took 17 cycles to get a BFP. I remember the pain, and wondering why I couldn't get pregnant when everyone around me could. I told myself there must be a very special baby that God was going to send to us, in His time... and I was right. Now, I can't imagine things working out any other way. There is a reason we had to wait for so long, and that reason is running around right now chasing our dogs and eating Cheerios. God has His reasons for you too, you just won't know it until you're holding that reason in your arms.

I am from the BHB and I am going to bookmark your blog, and I hope to read some good news on there soon. I'll pray for you.

Lisa said...


Hang in there, lady.

Anonymous said...

Krista, I read your story on BHB awhile back. Each time I see a post from you I reach out and touch the screen and tell God to give you that baby! Please don't lose hope on this, it seems so many of us are thinking of you.

Andrea said...

HUGE Hugs Krista...I know that your sweet baby is looking down on you from Heaven. You will be blessed. Praying for you.

Dawn said...

Krista, I found your blog via my friend A.'s blog. I just wanted to say that I feel what you are going through and I know God has a plan for you. I'm so sorry for your pain.

I lost two babies before I had my oldest son. I sometimes believe God did it to teach me compassion and patience or so I could somehow be a comfort to others. I don't know.

Also, your story about the stray cat gave me husband found a stray puppy who was and is my angel. He saved my life more than once (literally) and was my comfort until we had our baby. I know God sent him to us; perhaps he sent you this cat as well to comfort you until you get your baby.

Never lose hope. One of my best friends tried to conceive for three years, went through round after round of IVF and lost two babies. She and her husband gave up and began the process of adoption. They got a call they had a baby waiting for them in Arizona, but they had to be there in 24 hours. They weren't able to get there and the baby was given to another family. One month later, my friend found out she was pregnant on her own, no IVF. Today, she and her husband have a beautiful little girl and an amazing little boy.

Everything comes in God's time and his way. Hang in there and know that you are in the prayers of more people than you realize.