Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is here!

You can't believe how happy I am that Spring is here. I get so down and depressed in the Winter. Only 3 more months till we can start trying to have a baby again. We have to be extra careful this time of year though. I seem to be able to get pregnant this time of year. I think my body knows it is spring and it gets all twitterpaited.I wouldn't mind if I happened to get a big fat positive but I promised the Dr. that we would be careful and not do anything babywise till after 6 months. I will have to be winged off of the meds they have me on before we can start trying. June can not get here soon enough.

We have decided to call Monday and see about being Foster Parents. There was an add in our local paper that said they needed them badly in our local area. We have a home with 2 Spare rooms and an extra bathroom. A nice big yard and lots of kids to play with in our neighborhood. Daryl loves to fish and I go with him. We have a great dog... All we can do is call and try. My Step-Grandma has fostered though this agency before and also adopted and I hope she can help us get approved.

I'll update as soon as we know something.

Thank you God for Spring! I can breathe now! I feel like I was holding my breathe for the whole Winter.


Kira said...

Crossing my fingers and toes for you, Krista!

Love the new blog bees. :)

Andrea said...

That is wonderful!!! Praying you get good news!!!!! and YAY for Spring!

nikki said...

Way to keep your head up Krista! I think that Fostering is a great idea for you and Hubby. Those kids really need the TLC that you're overflowing with!! :)

Emma Hughes said...

thinking about you x

Bella Bee said...
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geegandbee said...

Krista, I hope this finds you well. Many members of the old bhb are on a new board and would love to hear an update on how you are doing. We are at