Saturday, October 18, 2008

I found this tonight.

This was so sweet and I had to add it here. I am a Mom. No matter what anyone says.My children maybe in Heaven now but I will always be their Mommy.


Lisa said...

It's beautiful. And very true. You are a mother.

Sexy Beast said...

Thank you, that is beautiful, and exactly what I needed tonight *sigh*

Lorri said...

*wiping away many tears tonight*

You are a beautiful mother of three. I love your family Krista.

May God continue to hold you, Daryl and your babies close.

HUGS from a BBC friend.

Andrea said...

That was beautiful!
and You've been TAGGED!! :)

Michelle said...

THAT was beautiful.

Katie said...

Beautiful and now Im in tears. Off to hug my little ones, I know one day you will hug yours too.