Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update on Dr. Appt.

Well I went back to my Obgyn on Dec.5th. We talked for a bit and he decided to get all my blood work from my Oncologist so he can go over what he did. He said we would talk next week about what meds he would put me on. I think he is hoping that the test the Oncologist did would help answer why I keep miscarrying. I told him the Dr. said he didn't see anything but he said there was a chance he might have not realized a result from a test was the answer to the whole big question.. WHY?

I feel in my heart we will have a new baby in our arms this time next year. I can feel this deep down. One way or another. God will answer so many prayers that have been sent up. He has to,Right?

I want to Thank all my Internet "Sisters" who have tried to make this dream of ours come true. I never knew so many people cared about two people they have never met in real life so much. We have truly been blessed by all of you and Our baby will be so lucky to have so many Aunts.

I am lucky to have so many sisters. From the kind words that have been sent and the "gifts" I know how much we are loved and how everyone wants to see us happy.

All of you will be blessed in your own lives. You don't meet special people like all of you everyday. I am so lucky for having you in my life.


Jenn said...

I am so glad things are moving forward. Let's just stay positive! Sending baby vibes your way!

Megan said...

Stay positive, Krista!

Andrea said...

That is great that he's going to try to figure out what the next step needs to be. It will happen...I'll be praying for you both! BIG HUGS!!!

mydogteaser said...

Keep the optimism! I will keep praying for you guys.