Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From the moment I met him I knew.

Daryl and I met in 2001.We kinda was set up and really did know each other. But I knew from that very moment in time he was the one. He was so kind and loving. It took him 2 months before he would even kiss me. At the time we both were dating other people so we had a lot of thinking to do. After a few weeks we decided we had to be together. I had never had a mixed race relationship before so we hid it from my family for almost a year. I knew they would not agree. After a trip to Missouri we were on our way home and a car ran out in front of us. A friend of ours was driving and we t-boned the other car. I was hurt real bad. Thank God Daryl was in the back seat and was fine. I was taken to the hospital where my family was called. A cop there knew my family well and made the announcement about Daryl and I. Needless to say my family was irate. They told me to stop dating him. Did I listen. No! I was in love. We didn't push anything with them until the next Thanksgiving. I told them I would not be there unless Daryl could come. They gave in and the rest is history.After they met him the slowly realized what I saw in him. He is loved by everyone in the family and he loves them too. His family has always accepted me. I love them with all my heart.

After 2 years Daryl asked me to marry him on April Fools Day. I was washing dishes and he came in and said "will you marry me?' I said "sure,April Fools right?" He said "no" After that crazy proposal we decided to look for a house. We found the one we liked to start out in and moved in on March 15,2004.

We had talked about having children and we started on Clomid. We did that for 6 months and it didn't work. We gave up. Decided it wasn't meant to be.

The next 4th of July came a huge surprise. I didn't feel well but I still cooked. I couldn't eat and had to lay down for a bit before the fireworks. The next few weeks I never felt good. Never hit me I was pregnant. I mean why would I be Clomid didn't work a year before. How could I be?

On August 1,2005 Daryl rushed me to the ER over really bad pains in my right side. We were thinking it was a ruptured ovary from the Clomid. Even tho I had been off it for months. Little did I know I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was ecstatic. I had my first ultrasound that night and we called everyone we knew. God had finally blessed us. We wasn't even expecting a miracle. We got it anyway.

10 days later the worst would happen.


Amanda said...

That story about you and your husband is so sweet!! I'm so glad you guys have each other to help each other through the pain of miscarrying.

The Denny Family said...

I'm sure you don't "know" me from BBC but I've followed your story and I'm so happy you started a blog so that I can continue to see how you guys are doing!